PowerRep is an electronic manufacturer’s representative company with 25 years of consistent sales growth. 

Our team is comprised of technically sound Sales Engineers that are dedicated to effectively communicating customers’ requirements and delivering the best possible technical solution. PowerRep has a history of long term customer and manufacturer relationships that results in continuous design wins on current and future application generations. PowerRep’s goal is to bridge the gap between our manufacturing partners and our customers and ensure mutual sales and service success for both.

To Our Customers:

PowerRep puts our focus on Customer Satisfaction. We represent the highest quality manufacturers and products to ensure the success of our customer’s projects. We serve you best by spending time working with the supply chain, engineering and R&D sections of your team and helping to find the best possible solution whether it be an off the shelf product or custom product. We have a very responsive inside and outside sales team that is dedicated to getting you quotes and information in a timely manner and responding quickly to questions and needs.


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  • (P) 508-397-0779

  • (E) Sales@PowerRepLLC.com

To Our Manufacturing Partners:

PowerRep’s sales volume has grown steadily for the past 25 years due to better penetration and expansion of our account base. We continually develop long term relationships with our customers that creates trust and confidence in our manufacturer's and their products which results in sales growth for our manufacturing partners. We are proactive in presenting our manufacturer’s capabilities with regular principal visits, through cold calling and blanket emailers.  

We hold our manufacturer's to the same standard we hold ourselves. We work best in a “team” environment, meaning we want to be considered part of our manufacturer’s team. We require timely turnaround of quotes and samples and we expect to be kept in the loop on all correspondence with our customers. We don’t want to micro-manage the customer-to-manufacturer interface, we simply want to be able to step-in when needed and take a back seat when appropriate.


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  • (P) 508-397-0779

  • (E) Sales@PowerRepLLC.com

PowerRep specializes in the sales and promotion of electro-mechanical products; more specifically – power supplies, battery packs and chargers, displays, custom cables, medical disposables and contract manufacturing. The markets we’ve been most successful in are medical applications such as medical devices and robotic surgical equipment, industrial equipment such as large format printers, mass spectrometers and fiber lasers, consumer electronics such as wearables and exercise equipment and commercial applications such as time management devices, storage and LED lighting.

Our Markets: