PowerRep's purpose is to market quality, cost-effective and cutting edge power-conversion products and design services to the electronic OEM in the New England region. Our goal is to provide true technical sales and support. We intend to make the OEM's design a success which translates to success to our principals and our company. 


We put our focus on customer satisfaction and to that end we believe that a significant amount of time must be devoted to working with the engineering and R&D sections of our customers. 

Power Rep is a technically sound, multi-person organization with a 24 year history of excellence and a proven track record of success. We have a dedicated team standing by to help make your next project a success! 


Synergies: Finding the right synergies requires deep understanding of our customers and the ability to recognize situations where a product line offers a viable solution for a need. Our ability to consistently recognize these opportunities is a kay advantage of our experience.

Service: PowerRep is serious about the success of our principals and selective in the manufacturers we represent. We do not load our line card for the sake of short-term rewards. Instead, we focus on long-term relationships and providing top notch on-site and off-site technical service.


Solutions: When our principals succeed, so do we. PowerRep’s focus is on adding value to our client’s product line and providing powerful technology solutions. We spend a majority of our time in research and development to assure the customer’s design is a success.